Research Library Resources

Research Library Resources

Dec 31, 2014

ANRL is moving into the digital age. We have scanned over 50% of our magazine archive. We are scanning Club Newsletters as we get them and we’re also working on scanning older Newsletters. We plan to scan our book collection and also photos, postcards, and special interest folders. The resources provided in the following links will provide invaluable information for us to manage and organize our digital archives to enable researchers to accomplish their goals.

We encourage our members to use these resources!

  1. American Library Association (ALA) Web site
    • ANRL is a member and we can login to the ALA Web site. Membership fees are $150 a year.
    • ANRL gets a copy of ALA’s American Libraries every two months.
  2. Library of Congress (LOC) Web site
    • ANRL has donated video material to LOC
  3. Library of Congress Digital Preservation Blog Web site
    1. You can subscribe to this Blog.
  4. Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Web site
    • ARL membership is by invitation and ANRL has not started that process
    • You can subscribe to Email notices and information from ARL’s Web site

  1. Good Articles from The Signal: Digital Preservation Blog for Library of Congress
    1. December 29, 2014 by Susan Manus Managing Research Data at Tufts University: An NDSR Project Update
    2. March 27, 2014 by Mike Ashenfelder Personal Digital Archiving: The Basics of Scanning